Transport to airport services

Individual transport

HPTRANSPORT offers personalized passenger services for various occasions to destinations across the European Union. The transport is tailored to the customer’s personal needs, whether it is private or corporate. Our new Renault van van, which offers up to 8 seats, provides the transport of passengers.

These modern and fast cars provide passengers with maximum comfort and guarantee a high level of safety. All vehicles are equipped with multi-zone automatic air conditioning, which contributes to the thermal comfort of passengers in any weather. Renault travel minibuses are higher standards in the field of passenger transport and are particularly sought after for their convenience and appearance on different occasions.

It is a matter of course for us to provide full on-board service during transport, so fresh newspapers, refreshing drinks and the Internet are available to passengers. Thus, while driving, you can read daily newspapers or work emails in comfort. When getting in and out of the car, the driver’s assistance is available to assist you with your luggage and settling in the vehicle.

Avanti Api vehicles are managed by trained, professional drivers who have many years of experience and who communicate in Czech, English or German. On the road, you can recognize them by the brilliant white vehicles with the logo of the passenger yellow bee, which symbolizes speed, safety and reliability at a good price. The high level of transportation is the standard we strive to bring to the general public for which we want to be affordable. Therefore, you never pay any fees in our vehicles.

Passenger transport in HPtransport involves the transportation of people throughout the European Union. The home country of our vehicles is the Slovak Republic, where we transport passengers between most domestic locations. We leave the depot in Košice mainly to the neighboring countries of Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, where we operate on irregular routes between larger cities. The most popular routes of our passengers are Czech cities such as Prague, Pilsen, Brno, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava, Břeclav or foreign cities Vienna, Munich, Győr, Budapest, Katowice, Krakow, Rzeszow, Berlin, Franfurtkt and many other larger cities.

People can be transported on regular or individual routes. On individual routes, the entire vehicle is available with a driver who will carry you with your required number of passengers on your own route at any time of day or night. The advantage is the maximum variability of transport according to your wishes, the addresses you specify, the cities you want and your schedule. Our vehicles are as flexible as possible, regardless of whether 1 person or 8 people are transported. This way of personal transport is suitable especially for individuals, families with children, for companies for various events, events, or also transport of persons to the airport, transportation of students to schools, or transport of persons for vacation.

Transport na letisko, z letiska domov, Košice, Budapešť, Krakow, Viedeň, Bratislava

Transport to airport, airport home, Kosice, Budapest, Krakow, Vienna, Bratislava

The list of regular routes, timetable and vehicle occupancy is managed by a sophisticated booking system.


This modern system is available to passengers on-line at and is updated in real time. Passengers interested in passenger transport can thus see the number of vacancies in a given vehicle on a given route at a selected time of travel. The number of seats occupied and the length of the required transport affects the resulting boarding pass price. According to this information, the customer may opt for a particular ride with respect to his preferences. On regular routes, passengers can enter their own boarding and departure addresses, as well as individual transport. This allows for maximum variability in individual transport, where passenger transport is defined by new road transport standards.


Individual transportation by our vehicles is also suitable for:

– business travel – holiday travel – transport business meeting or business meeting – transport to congresses and business trips – transport for representative purposes – transport to teambuilding events – transport of persons from / to the airport – family opportunities – wedding guests or wedding limousine – import people for shopping