Conditions of Carriage

Conditions of Carriage

 HP TRANSPORT s. r. o.

For passenger road transport – taxi service

drawn up in accordance with Art. 4 of Road Transport Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 56/2012 Coll., Decree No.124 / 2012 Coll., which implements Road Transport Act No. 56/2012 Coll., in accordance with Road Traffic Act No. 8/2009 Coll. on and Provisions of Section 420a), Section 421a), Section 427, Sections 760 to 764 of the Civil Code and Section 374 of the Commercial Code, including Art. j),

in accordance with Consumer Protection Act No. 250/2007 Coll. and Act No. 372/1990 Coll. on Offences as amended.

Art. I

Introductory Provisions

1. These Conditions of Carriage (hereinafter referred to as the “CoC“) regulate terms and conditions of passenger road transport provided by HP TRANSPORT s.r.o., with its registered office at Wurmova 17, Košice, Company No.50961233, a Taxi Provider /hereinafter referred to as “the Taxi Provider“/ that are required for an agreement for the provision of passenger transport services.

2. The CoC shall come into force on a date of their publishing on the website of the Taxi Provider – and at the registered office address and after their publishing they shall form part of every agreement for the provision of passenger transport services and set out rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties.

3. For the purposes of these CoC:

a) “Taxi business“ is a business the subject of which is the provision of transport services by road passenger vehicles, which are duly type-approved for the purpose, in return for payment.

b) “Taxi Provider“ is a taxi service provider from the date upon which the licence was granted /11 December 2017/, which entitles the Taxi Provider to provide transport services to the public under the agreement for the provision of passenger transport services.

c) “Taxi Passenger“ is a customer in road passenger transport operations. The Passenger is a person, who pays the cost of carrying to the Taxi Provider.

d) “Tariffs“ are fares and other payments related to carriage of passengers, their luggage and live animal pets, as well as the terms and conditions of the Taxi Provider, under which the fares are applied.

4. The CoC contain and specify the terms and conditions of carriage, as well as the rights and obligations of the Taxi Provider and the Passenger, responsibility for carrying passengers, between the Taxi Provider and Passengers, taxi fares and the complaint handling procedure. In terms of Data Protection Act No. 428/2002 Coll. – the Taxi Provider is obliged to maintain confidentiality about personal data of the Passenger that have been detected and which shall not be disclosed and made available to third parties except for the exercise of claims towards the Passenger after the court or other public authority has decided.

Art. II

Agreement for the Provision of Passenger Transport Services

1. The Agreement for the Provision of Passenger Transport Services establishes the right of the Passenger, who is carried by a vehicle of the Taxi Provider in return for payment, to be carried to the destination places as specified in the Agreement.

2. The Agreement for the Provision of Passenger Transport Services is established when the Passenger undoubtedly concludes that he/she wishes to conclude an agreement for the provision of passenger transport services, usually by paying an agreed taxi fare, whereby he/she also agrees with the fare for taxi transport.

§ Through the company´s online payment systems set up for the,

§ exceptionally, before the departure directly to the taxi driver at a taxi rank the full fare, provided that there is a seat available in a taxi,

§ seat reservation without paying is not possible,

§ through sales agents of the Taxi Provider.

3. Before setting off and concluding an agreement for the provision of passenger transport services, the Passenger has the right to acquaint himself/herself with the valid price list on the website of the Taxi Provider,

4. The Taxi Provider is obliged to carry every Passenger who is at the time of commencement of the journey in the place agreed and ready to get in a vehicle of the Taxi Provider.

5. Should the Passenger fail to get in the vehicle at the time of departure, the obligation of the Taxi Provider arising out of the agreement to perform carriage ceases to exist and the Passenger is not entitled to a refund.

6. The Taxi Provider is obliged to carry the Passenger only if the conditions of carriage, in particular the technical condition of the vehicle, the vehicle occupancy according to its registration certificate and the driver’s ability enables it, and if the Taxi Provider is not prevented from carrying the Passenger for objective reasons which cannot be avoided, in particular due to the adverse weather conditions, road closures, other obstacles on public roads along the route, etc.

7. The Taxi Provider ´s obligation to transport the Passenger also does not apply, where the Taxi Passenger is not eligible to the carriage under these CoC.

8. In case of non-performance of the carriage to the extent agreed and in due time due to reasons solely on the part of the Taxi Provider, the Passenger is entitled to compensation up to the full amount of the agreed fare.

9. If the carriage is provided from the airport and the arrival of the Passenger is late and it may prevent him/her from getting on time in a taxi, the Passenger is obliged without undue delay to inform the Taxi Provider about his/her actual arrival time on +421 948 328 807+421 948 078 805. Based on the information provided by the Passenger, the departure of a taxi may be put on hold by the Taxi Provider for no longer than 30 minutes, or the Taxi Provider shall enable the Taxi Passenger to use the next possible vehicle to his/her destination place, if the vehicle occupancy allows it. However, according to the previous sentence the Passenger is not legally entitled to get an alternative vehicle.

10. Before setting off, in terms of the CoC the Passenger is obliged to pay the fare specified in the Taxi Provider´s price list.

Art. III

Withdrawal from Agreement for the Provision of Passenger Transport Services

1. If the Taxi Provider cannot perform the carriage in line with the Agreement, he is obliged to notify the ordering party of it and to suggest new carriage conditions or the ordering party is entitled to withdraw from the Agreement. In that case, the Taxi Provider shall refund the Passenger the full ticket value.

2. Should the ordering party not meet the requirements of the Agreement or of the provisions of the CoC, the Taxi Provider may withdraw from the agreement concluded.

3. When the Customer returns the unused ticket by sending an email to

a) more than 48 hours before departure, he/she is entitled to a full refund of the fare minus a cancellation fee of EUR 5 per person and single journey,

b) less than 48 hours before departure, the Passenger is not entitled to a refund of the fare and the cancellation fee equals to 100% of ticket value,

4. The Taxi Provider may amend the cancellation policy by publishing it at the point of sale and on the webpage

5. If the Passenger falls ill, this is not a reason for claiming a refund of the fare.

6. The confirmed reservation may be amended (the date of departure or the name of the passenger) until 48 hours before scheduled departure for EUR 15 /person/single journey.

7. If the Passenger with an individual order (minibus rental) asks for the date or time of departure to be changed

a) more than 24 hours before departure, there shall be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of the order price,

b) less than 24 hours before scheduled departure, there shall be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of order price.

8. The ticket purchased online through may be cancelled by sending an email to The time when the email was sent is decisive for determining the cancellation fee.

9. The Passenger shall have an insurance policy in place before departure and is not allowed to set off without insurance. Otherwise, he/she will not be entitled to compensation for damages caused by the Taxi Provider, or for damages for which the Taxi Provider is held responsible and which exceed the value of the fare paid.

10. The Taxi Provider shall, upon request of the Passenger, (provided that there was sent an email to and correct details of the Passenger are available to the Taxi Provider) return the amount paid by the Passneger minus a cancellation fee either in cash or into his/her bank account or by sending him/her a postal order.

11. The claims of the Taxi Provider and of the Passenger arising out of the agreement for the provision of passenger transport services cannot be assigned to a third party without the prior written consent of the other Party. The Contracting Parties have agreed that it is possible to offset unilateral claims without limitation.

12. The taxi driver may refuse to carry or continue to carry any Passenger:

a) if it is not possible due to the technical condition of the vehicle and road traffic safety, in particular as a result of the adverse weather conditions, road closures, accidents or other obstacles on public roads along the route,

b) who despite warning of the taxi driver does not refrain from smoking, eating and drinking or feeding the animal in transport, or who sits in the front seat with hand luggage, newspapers, map or other item that may obstruct the driver´s vision or jeopardize the safety of vehicle occupants, who deliberately damages or defaces any part of the vehicle, changes the route and place of destination with no reasons or in other way he/she raises concerns about the health and safety of the driver and other vehicle occupants,

c) the Passenger carries luggage that with regard to its size, number of pieces, weight or shape cannot be carried all at once, or he/she wants to transport animals, which with regard to their size, number, behaviour or a nuisance for other passengers (because of smell, e.g.) cannot be transported either in the passenger or luggage compartment.

13. If the taxi driver refuses to carry the Passenger for the reason which has been referred to in 12c), he is obliged to inform the taxi control system about it with the aim of providing for the passenger with a suitable vehicle as soon as possible. In that case the Taxi Provider shall not be held responsible for the refusal to carry the Passenger and his/her taxi fare shall not be refunded.

14. The Passenger may withdraw from the Agreement, if the Taxi Provider or taxi driver have breached the contracting terms and conditions or conditions of carriage.

Art. IV

Terms and Conditions for On-line Sale of Travel Tickets

1. These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the Passenger, ordering Party and owner of the ticket bought online and the Taxi Provider, HP TRANSPORT s.r.o.

2. Provider HP TRANSPORT s.r.o. sells travel tickets through its own online system on its webpage.

3. The Taxi Provider offers transfers mainly from Košice to the airport in Budapest and back. Transfers to airports of Krakow, Vienna and Bratislava can be ordered via the online form Individual Transfer. The travel from abroad to Slovakia can be ordered by email.

4. The owner of the ticket is a person who has bought the ticket from HP TRANSPORT s.r.o.  Should the buyer not be the same person as the Passenger, the Taxi Provider cannot be held responsible for the lack of information on departure and conditions of carriage.

5. The online ticketing system of HP TRANSPORT s.r.o. requires users to register and sign in. The ordering party confirms by filling in the form that he/she is fully acquainted with online ticketing terms and conditions and agrees to them.

6. HP TRANSPORT s.r.o. gathers and processes personal data of the owner of the ticket, which the company has obtained with regard to the contractual relationship. It is mainly name, surname, address phone number or email address. HP TRANSPORT s.r.o. also undertakes to ensure the safety of personal data from theft or their possible misuse by third parties.

7. The tickets bought online are sent to the Passenger´s email address.

8. The agreement for the provision of passenger transport services is deemed to be concluded by paying for and issuing the ticket. When the ticket is bought online, the transaction shall be completed after the confirmation email has been obtained.

9. The ticket is issued in the Passenger´s name and is not transferable.

10. When buying a ticket, the buyer shall enter the name and surname of passenger, his /her mobile phone number (with international access code), which the Passenger shall have with him/her while travellingWhen the flight is delayed, the Taxi Provider shall be informed by the Passenger of it and in that case the Taxi Provider shall wait for him/her or arrange alternative transport as soon as possible.

11. Upon the purchase of the ticket, the Passenger shall get a reserved seat in a taxi. The Passenger is entitled to travel by taxi only on the date, which is stated on the ticket. Should the Passenger not appear at the taxi rank on time, they seat may be occupied by other passenger. The owner of the ticket is entitled to use the ticket for one-way carriage for the given journey. Upon carriage to the place of destination, the ticket expires and it is not possible to reuse it. The owner of the ticket will be required to present an acceptable form of ID upon request.

12. The owner of the ticket is obliged to keep it safe for tax purposes and in order not to lose it or to prevent its theft. The ticket may be used only for the purpose for which it is intended. Any other use is prohibited.

13. The Passenger may pay the fare as follows:

§ the fare shall be paid (credited to the Taxi Provider´s bank account) before the journey starts. Should the fare be not credited to the Taxi Provider´s bank account at the start of the journey, the Passenger is obliged to pay the full amount to the taxi driver. The amount credited to the Taxi Provider´s bank account after Passenger´s departure shall be returned to the Passenger upon request, by sending an email. There shall be returned the amount of the difference between the amount of the fare paid and

§ the amount that was paid in advance by credit or debit card – in case of on-line ticketing on,

§ the amount that was paid by an invoice issued by the Taxi Provider,

§ or the amount that was paid into the Taxi Provider´s bank account by bank transfer.

The ticket shall be generated and sent to the mail address of the ordering party after the full payment was credited to the Provider´s bank account.

Art. V

Scheduled departures and arrivals Košice-Budapest-Košice

Košice-Budapest 06:00 am, 03:00 pm

Budapest- Kosice 10:00 am, 08:00 pm

The Taxi Provider reserves the right to cancel the scheduled departure if the Passenger fails to buy a ticket in advance. The single journey takes 190 minutes, including a break of 10 minutes.

* The microbus shall wait for passengers up to 30 minutes, if the Passenger informs the taxi driver about his/her flight delay on +421 948 078 805. (It applies to the transfer from the airport)

** The microbus shall wait for passengers up to 30 minutes. (It applies to transfer from the airport)

***The Passenger shall be at the taxi rank at least 10 minutes before departure.

(It applies to the transfer from Košice to the airport.)

Times for departures and arrivals are stated in Art. V

Times for departure from Košice are fixed. The Passenger cannot be late.

The Passenger shall keep in mind the following:

a) if he/she is aware of the flight delay, he/she shall inform the Taxi Provider or the taxi driver and the driver will wait for the passenger up to 30 minutes.( It applies to the transfer from the airport),

b) the Taxi Provider shall bear no consequences, if the Passenger arrives late for departure of the transfer microbus due to his/her delayed flight.

c) The minimum recommended time of arriving at the airport – 2 hours before the flight departure and 1 hour before the transfer departure on the way back.

If the times are shorter than recommended it is on Passenger´s own responsibility to arrive on time.

Art. VI

Pick-up/drop-off points for transfer Košice – Budapest

It is recommended that the Passengers shall arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the departure time.

Pick-up point: Košice: 

JUMBO CENTRUM (Car park in front of Jumbo CENTRUM), Masarykova 2

Budapest Airport: The lower central car park under Terminal 2A, at three white flag poles.

(Ferenc Liszt Airport, Terminal T2A).

Art. VII

Rights and Obligations of the Passenger

The Passenger is entitled to:

1. a safe and comfortable transfer, for which he /she has a valid ticket,

2. a transfer of a reasonable sized baggage, restricted according to these CoC,

3. ask the driver to put his/her luggage on and take it off the transfer at the drop-off point,

4. ask for assistance for getting into and out of the car, in case of disabled passengers

(the driver is obliged to help the wheelchair passenger on and off the vehicle, secure the wheelchair into the vehicle compartment and at the end of the journey to unload it),

5. ask the taxi driver for information concerning conditions of his/her carriage,

6. a refund of the unused portion of the fare in line with the respective provision of these CoC,

7. a transfer of his/her hand baggage, baggage or extra baggage and pets in the same vehicle, if it is allowed by conditions of carriage. The Passenger is obliged to inform the Taxi Provider in advance, when ordering the transfer, about using this right or about other specific way of transport of the Passenger and or his/her luggage,

8. a transfer of a live animal pet as a baggage, provided that the specific conditions laid down in these CoC are met.

The Passenger is obliged:

1. to arrive at the pick-up point on-time,

2. to follow and respect the driver’s instructions and instructions that are intended to ensure the safety of passengers and the smooth traffic flow,

3. behave in a way that does not impact the safe transport of other passengers negatively, does not bother the remaining passengers and the crew of the vehicle,

4. with regard to the current EU road traffic regulations concerning transport of children, it is required that children are carried in child /baby/ car seats. The child seat must be firmly fitted to the passenger seat,

5. the number of passengers carried in the vehicle cannot exceed the number of seats that is allowed according to the respective vehicle licence and up to the maximum permissible payload capacity,

6. in the front seat next to the driver, only a passenger can be transported for whom is it allowed with respect to traffic safety and traffic regulations, every person carried in the taxi vehicle during transport is obliged to use the safety belt, otherwise he / she is responsible for the damage that the Taxi Provider will incur.

During transportation, the Passenger is not allowed:

1. to speak to the driver in a manner that jeopardizes the transport safety,

2. to whistle, sing, speak loudly, play an instrument and recorded music and speech without permission of the taxi driver (or vehicle occupants),

3. to open door and windows, lean of the window and to throw rubbish and items out of the window,

4. to smoke in the vehicle, drink alcoholic and other drinks, eat

5. to sit in the driver´s seat and in the area intended for getting into and out of the vehicle, if it impedes getting out and into the car for other passengers,

6. to allow children to stand or kneel on the seats, if they may stain them,

7. to throw rubbish and other items out of the car and to stick out items of the vehicle,

8. to put items and animals on a seat,

9. to load and unload luggage wilfully from the luggage compartment, only the driver may handle the luggage that shall be carried in the luggage compartment.


Rights of the Taxi Provider

1. The Taxi provider is entitled to ask for payment of the fare in line with the respective tariff and according to these CoC.

2. The Taxi Provider is entitled before journey and during it through the driver or the employee who is in charge of the transfer organization to instruct passengers in order
to ensure their safety or the safety and smoothness of traffic flows and the passengers are obliged to follow them.

3. The Taxi provider is entitled through the driver or other eligible employee of the Taxi Provider to refuse to carry the Passenger, if:

a) he/she refuses to pay the fare or he / she is not able present the valid travel ticket when asked,

b) the Passenger´s behaviour raises concerns about the safety, life, property or health of the driver or other passengers,

c) the Passenger damages or defaces any part of the vehicle, or behaves in a manner that is abusive or threatening and causes offence to other passengers or staff,

d) the Passenger intends to transport the luggage or the animal the transport of which is excluded under these CoC,

e) the Passenger smokes or drinks alcohol in the vehicle or there is a suspicion that he/she is under the influence of alcohol, addictive or psychotropic drugs,

f) the Passenger distracts the driver or annoys the co-passengers by his/her noisy behaviour, whistling, playing music or other sounds or otherwise,

g) the Passenger jeopardizes the safety and smooth-flowing traffic in any other way, in particular by entering the driver’s compartment, entering or leaving the vehicle outside the designated stand,

h) the Passenger, despite being asked by the driver or other authorized person to do so, fails to comply with any of the provisions in these CoC,

i) the Passenger troubles other passengers and/or the driver due to his/her illness, use of addictive drugs.

4. In cases defined in Point 3), the taxi driver is entitled to require the Passenger to leave the taxi at any time and to refuse to continue to carry him/her. The driver is entitled to stop at the next possible stop / in the nearest rest area, at the petrol station, etc. /.

No refund will be given in respect of the Passenger removed from the vehicle for any reasons described within Point 3). Other passengers are not entitled to a discount on their travel fares (in cases defined in Point 3.)

5. The Taxi Provider is entitled to refuse to carry a passenger, who is waiting at the pick-up point, but the capacity of the vehicle is already fully occupied.

6. The driver acting on behalf of the Taxi Provider is entitled to withdraw Passenger´s baggage that is subject to a charge, until the payment is made.

Art. IX

Obligations of the Taxi Provider

The Taxi Provider is obliged in particular:

1. to provide a taxi service for passenger road transport in compliance with the Conditions of Carriage /CoC/,

2. to ensure that the current version of the CoC are published on  and are made available at the address of the company,

3. to carry passengers in line with the valid price list including surcharges for excess or oversize luggage (see Luggage Transfer) and after the carriage to give them a receipt about the payment. It does not apply to the taxi service used for a transfer of a group of passengers, who paid the fare before their journey at the usual pick-up points on the regular transfer route. In such cases the vehicle does not need to have a tax meter.

4. to ensure the safety, security and comfort of passengers and their luggage,

5. to ensure that each vehicle is marked with Taxi Provider´s business name,

6. to provide a technical base equipped for operation, maintenance, technical inspection, parking and garage of vehicles and to take care of crew and passengers according to the transport services provided,

7. to have the insurance policy that covers liability for damage caused by the operation of passenger road transport – taxi service to passengers and third parties, the vehicle must have motor car liability and motor hull insurance,

8. to display the driving licence of the taxi driver in the vehicle, in a place clearly visible to passengers,

9. to have a complete price list and tariff conditions in the taxi vehicle and to allow the passenger to look into them upon request,

10. to operate the taxi service with the vehicle stated in the licence and with assigned vehicle registration number, whereas the number must be displayed in the vehicle, in a place clearly visible to passengers.

Art. X

Luggage Transfer

1. The Passenger is entitled to take with him luggage that with regard to its size, length or weight can be effortlessly and quickly loaded and unloaded. Luggage is moved to the vehicle and away from the vehicle by the Passenger.

2. The luggage cannot be a nuisance to other passengers due to its size and content, otherwise, the Taxi Provider will not allow the Passenger to transfer the luggage in the vehicle.

3. The luggage is loaded by the driver in a way that does not jeopardize the safety of the passengers, affecting negatively the performance of the driver, is not in the way when getting into and out of the car and does not cause any damage to the vehicle. The Passenger shall provide assistance to the driver (when he asks for it), while loading or unloading his/her luggage and follow the driver´s instructions.

4. The driver shall decide, whether the luggage shall be carried as hand luggage or as travel luggage (in the luggage compartment). The Passenger may take with him/her hand luggage that can be laid on the lap. The Passenger is responsible for his/her hand luggage.

5. The Passenger is required to inform the driver of the particular nature of the luggage, in particular of its contents and value, and whether it requires to be handled in a certain way or to be stowed in a certain position. This also applies to disability equipment and wheelchairs.

6. The luggage is transported separately from the Passenger. The Taxi Provider shall be liable for damage incurred on the luggage carried separately from the Passenger, from the time of its handover to unloading at the end of the passenger’s journey. If the damage was caused by the Passenger, the defect of the luggage, its packaging or by the specific nature of the luggage or the circumstances that could not be avoided by the Taxi Provider or because the Passenger did not inform the driver of the specialist treatment or handling required for the luggage, the Taxi Provider is not responsible for the damage.The Taxi Provider is not responsible for the damage incurred on abandoned luggage, the Passenger has the obligation to supervise the handing over of his/her hand luggage and only after this he/she can be seated in the vehicle.

7. If the luggage is transported in the luggage compartment, the Passenger is obliged to collect it immediately after the end of the journey.

8. In case of damage or destruction of luggage carried separately from the Passenger, the Taxi Provider is obliged to compensate the Passenger the value of that luggage that it had at the time of its transfer. In addition, the Taxi Provider is obliged to return the respective carriage charges paid by to the Passenger. In the event of damage or partial loss of baggage, the Taxi Provider shall compensate the Passenger for part of the luggage that has been damaged. The Passenger has to claim compensation in writing within a month of collecting the luggage or if the baggage has not been delivered, within a month of handing the luggage over for carriage, otherwise the right will cease to exist.

9. Responsibility for the luggage carried in the luggage compartment shall be borne by the Taxi Provider in accordance with the preceding paragraphs. Therefore, the Taxi Provider is entitled to label the luggage with number labels, one part of which is received by the Passenger, and must be returned to the driver when the luggage is collected. The Taxi Provider is responsible for the luggage carried in the luggage compartment up to the amount of EUR 1200.

10. The driver is entitled to ask the Passenger to pay for the luggage accepted for carriage immediately it has been handed over to the driver. The carriage charge is set according to the respective tariff.

11. The passengers are not allowed to carry with them:

a) items, the transfer of which whose shipping is prohibited by law and also by the Taxi Provider ‘s tariff,

b) dangerous substances /flammable, explosive, volatile, etc./,

c) loaded guns, with the exception of firearms of members of the armed forces and the police, to which special regulations apply,

d) items that may jeopardize the safety of the operation, to damage or deface the vehicle or the passengers,

e) items that by their odour, disgusting shape, etc., can be repulsive to others,

f) luggage, the total weight of which is above 50 kg and the luggage, the value of which exceeds the amount EUR 1200,

g) passengers may not carry valuables such as jewellery, money, electronics, personal papers, and important documents in travel baggage.

12. The Passenger can carry with him/her one piece of hand baggage and one piece of travel luggage. The passenger can carry with him/her another piece of luggage with a driver’s permission.

13. One piece of hand luggage (no larger than 15x25x35 cm) and one piece of luggage up to 25 kg (no larger than 30x60x80 cm) are carried free of charge. The charge for each extra piece or oversized piece of luggage is €5 (to be paid to the driver). Excess or extra luggage can only be transported if there is space in the luggage compartment. It is possible to pay for excess of extra luggage at

14. When ordering the carriage, the ordering party must inform the Taxi Provider – taxi control system – the he /she intends to carry with him/her oversized luggage, such as crutches, sticks, prams, cages, parcels, ski, sledge and other items, that in the case of traffic accident or when the cars shakes violently may pose a risk of safety to the driver or passengers. Such items can be only transported in the luggage compartment. The child carriage can only be stored in the luggage compartment if it can be folded.

15. Luggage and other items are loaded and unloaded, placed or fitted by the taxi driver only.

16. The weight and size of luggage is estimated, measured and weighed. If the scales are not available, the driver’s estimate is decisive.

17. Transfer of bus consignments is not allowed.

Art. XI

Transport of Animals

1. The transportation of live pet animals (dog, cat and ferret) is only allowed if they are transported in carrier boxes. They are primarily transported in the luggage compartment.

2. Other live pet animals, except for dogs, cats and ferrets, must be transported in the package and are considered to be luggage. The price for their transport set in the pricelist is regardless of whether the animal is transported in the luggage compartment or in the passenger compartment.

Art. XII

Finding forgotten hand luggage and other items

1. The Taxi Provider is not responsible for forgotten items.

2. If the taxi driver finds a forgotten item in the vehicle after a journey, he is obliged to hand it over to the eligible employee of the Taxi Provider who shall keep a record of the item and store it. The Taxi provider is not responsible for the contents of the baggage found.

3. When the owner of the forgotten item gets in touch with the Taxi Provider within three days, he/ she can collect it without paying the charge for storage.

4. The Taxi Provider is entitled to ask the owner of the forgotten thing who came to collect it or the person authorized to do so by the owner to describe the item or its contents and only after that the item can be handed over to its owner. When handing over the found item, the owner is obliged to identify himself/herself by means of an identity card.

5. If the Taxi Providers knows the address of the owner of forgotten item, he/she shall be informed of the item left behind in the vehicle at the cost of the Taxi Provider and that shall be paid by the owner upon collection of the item.

6. If the owner does not pick up the item, the Taxi Provider is obliged to hand it over in terms of Article 135 par. 1 of the Civil Code, to the respective district authority. If the owner does not get in touch with the authority within one year after forgotten item has been handed to it, the item will become the state property.


How a car accident, vehicle fire and sudden illness of a passenger shall be handled by the taxi driver /taxi control room/ during transportation

1. In the event of a traffic accident, the taxi driver is obliged (within his capabilities) to minimise possible consequences of the accident.

2. The driver is obliged in particular:

a) to take appropriate measures to ensure road safety at the scene of the accident,

b) to provide first aid to the injured persons, and to call immediately an ambulance,

c) to inform all passengers about the situation in an appropriate manner,

d) to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and health of passengers and the protection of their luggage,

e) to call the police and to inform taxi control room.

3. The respective operator of the Taxi provider shall immediately take care of alternative transfer of passengers and their luggage to their destination and take other measures to eliminate the consequences of a traffic accident as soon as possible.

4. In the case of an accident or sudden illness of a passenger, the taxi driver is obliged within his capabilities to provide first aid and to drive him/her to the nearest hospital or to call an ambulance. The taxi driver shall explain to other passengers the reason for the change in the travel plan, if necessary.

5. In case of emergency, when lives of passengers or of the driver are put at risk (natural disaster) and the vehicle cannot be driven along the usual route, the Passengers shall be carried to their destination by the nearest possible route, if the operating conditions allow it. If due to an emergency it is not possible to continue to carry the passengers on the usual route or by diverting the transfer from the usual route, passengers are entitled to a free transfer back to their pick-up points.

6. In case of emergency due to vis major (e.g. vehicle breakdown), the Taxi Provider is obliged without undue delay to provide alternative transport. In such cases (that cannot be influenced by the Taxi Provider = vis major) the Taxi Provider will not provide a discount on the fare and is not responsible for missing the subsequent connections.


Taxi Fare – TARIFF

1. The fare for the regular transfer Košice – Budapest is €29 /person/single fareThe Taxi Provider reserves the right to offer discounted tickets. 

2. If the customer wishes to travel alone or together with a group, it is possible to
order the so-called individual transfer, i.e. the pick-up point, as well as the time of
departure is chosen by the customer. These transfers are ordered by email or by
phone 72 hours before departure.

+421 948 328 807



Individual transfer – €80/person/single fare

Microbus/group maximum of 8 passengers €130/ single fare



Individual transfer – €130/ person/single fare

Microbus/group maximum of 8 passengers €200/ single fare



Individual transfer – €150/ person/single fare

Microbus/group maximum of 8 passengers €220/single fare



Individual transfer €80/ person/single fare

Microbus/group maximum of 8 passengers €130/ single fare

Information about other transfers to/from other destinations can be requested by email
or by phone

3. In Košice / (if the Passenger wishes to be driven to other address than to the car park of Jumbo centrum), the price is € 0 to the first address,

5. Waiting charge is €10 per hour / also for each hour started/.

6. The current price list of other destinations is available at the Taxi Provider´s address, for a quotation ask at

7. Luggage: Excess = €5/piece, oversized = €5/piece, bicycle = €10/piece

8. Animals – depending the animal´s weight: 1-10kg = €0, 10-20kg = €0,

above 20kg = €0 (If the animal replaces the luggage)

1-10kg = €5, 10-20kg = €5, over 20kg =5€

(It applies to excess luggage.)

This is due to the size of the animal’s carrier box.

Art. XV

Promotional tickets, special offers

1. Discounted tickets, special offers are aimed at making the products more attractive to customers.

2. Special offers favour passengers for the purchase of the ticket in advance, favour the sale of free capacity at the specified time before departure, favour groups, and reward the customers for loyalty.

3. Special offers may be time- limited offers.

4. The terms and conditions of special offers are determined by the Taxi Provider. The passengers are informed of special offers at or in promotional materials.

Art. XVI

Cancellation of the ticket

1. The cancellation of the purchased ticket must be submitted in writing (by email) to



1. In terms of Art.763, par. 2 of the Civil Code, the Taxi Provider is held responsible for breach of the obligation to carry the Passenger duly and on time.

2. Claims for compensation are listed in these Conditions of Carriage.

3. The claimant cannot amend the claim amend without permission of the Taxi Provider.

4. If the delay was unjustified or the transfer did not take place as the result of Taxi Provider´s or driver´s fault, the Taxi Provider is obliged to compensate for the damage incurred by the Passenger for not being transported on time, as follows:

a) Compensation for delay will be settled by a proportional discount on the paid fare,

b) compensation for failure to carry out the transfer will be settled by the payment of the fare according to the price list of the Taxi Provider,

c) the Taxi Provider may be relieved of its liability if it proves that the damage could not have been avoided despite all the effort required to do so.


Claims Handling Policy

1. General Provisions:

This Claim Handling Policy regulates all legal relationships that arise between the Passenger and other customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Claimant”) and HP TRANSPORT s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as „the Taxi Provider“), with regard to making claims against the Taxi Provider, relating to the quality of services provided according to these Conditions of Carriage.

For the purposes of these Conditions of Carriage, a claim is the Claimant’s right to make a claim about not proper services provided by the Taxi Provider within the time limits specified by this Claim Handling Policy. For the purposes of these Conditions of Carriage, a Claimant is a natural person or corporate entity that has the status of a consumer under Consumer Protection Act No. 250/2007 Coll. as amended and Act No. 372/1990 Coll. on Offences as amended. How to make a claim: The Claimant is entitled to make a claim in person during working hours at the office of the Taxi Provider, by mail, or by e-mail. Address of the registered office: HP TRANSPORT s.r.oWurmova 17, Košice 040 23, Slovakia, e-mail:

a) The Claimant shall be obliged to exercise his/her rights and claims arising from these Conditions of Carriage in the manner as laid down in the subsequent point without undue delay, within 30 days of the transfer date. The Passenger has the right to be informed by telephone or in writing about the handling of his/her claim.

b) If the Claimant fails to raise a claim against the Taxi Provider within the time limit referred to in the preceding paragraph, the claim of Claimant for compensation shall cease to exist.

c) The Claimant is obliged to provide the Taxi Provider with all the necessary assistance to clarify the claim. If he/she refuses to do so, the Taxi Provider is not obliged to perform further verification of the claim and is not obliged to further investigate the eligibility of the claim.

d) If it is not possible immediately, in a complex case, within three working days of the date of the claim, to decide how to settle the claim, the Taxi Provider is entitled, within the scope of its competence, to carry out further investigation of the claim and to evaluate it professionally, and the whole claim handling process cannot take longer than 30 days of the date of the claim. The time necessary for correction or for the provision of additional details to the claim will not be counted to the time required in order to make a decision about the claim. Upon expiration of the time for settling a claim, the Claimant has the same rights as in the event of a non-removable defect, i.e., the Claimant has the right to withdraw from the contract.

e) The Claimant shall get a confirmation about his/her claim from the Taxi Provider. If the claim is made not in person, the Taxi Provider shall send the confirmation to the Claimant without undue delay after the claim has been received.

f) The Taxi Provider shall provide the Claimant with a written document no later than 30 days after the date on which the claim was made. A written document shall be provided by the Taxi Provider to the Claimant even if the Taxi Provider does not satisfy the claim or only partially. The Taxi Provider is not responsible for failing to deliver the written document to the address of the Claimant.

g) Checking of details shall be made by the Passenger as soon as the ticket has been issued, whether all data indicated on the ticket are correct. A complaint made about the correctness of ticket data at a later date will not be accepted by the Taxi Provider.

2. How to make a claim:

The Claimant is obliged to file a claim in writing within 30 days of the date of transfer. In the claim, the Claimant is obliged to specify facts, understandably, correctly and accurately and to prove his/her arguments by submitting relevant documents (evidence) at this/her own expense. The Claimant is also required to indicate the right which he/she exercises towards the Taxi Provider and which he/she is not entitled to change later without the Taxi Provider’s permission.

3. The Claim shall contain:

a) Identification data of the Claimant, postal address to which he / she wishes to be informed about the settlement of his/her complaint, phone number and banking details
(in the case of a refund),

b) subject matter of the claim,

c) a description to what the claim relates and what the Claimant requires,

d) a list of and photocopies of the documents attached to the claim, (ticket, luggage ticket, invoice, cash receipt, etc.),

e) date of the claim,

f) a signature and, if applicable, a stamp of the Claimant. This is not required if the claim has been made by email. If a claim that could result in a financial compensation is submitted by one person on behalf of several people, it is necessary to provide the authorization by which the Claimant can make a claim on their behalf. If the claim does not contain the information specified in the previous points, the Taxi Provider shall ask the Claimant to complete the claim within a period of not less than 7 working days after such a request has been submitted to the Claimant. The Taxi Provider is not obliged to deal with the claim, until the missing details has not been provided by the Claimant. If the Claimant submits the necessary information within the period stated by Taxi Provider, on the day he/she did so, the 30-day period for settling the claim shall start. If the Claimant fails to provide the details required, the Taxi Provider is not obliged to deal further with that claim.

4. Refusal of unsubstantiated claims

An unsubstantiated claim in these Conditions of Carriage means a claim made by a Claimant which

a) does not contain all necessary information or has not been made within the period of time in line with these CoC,

or the Claimant:

b) was in breach of Taxi Provider´s rules, laws of the Slovak Republic or the destination country,

c) was under the influence of alcohol or other addictive drugs,

d) is blamed for his /her behaviour that caused the services of the Taxi Provider were not provided properly,

e) threatened to harm the passengers in the vehicle,

f) smoked, or drank alcohol in the vehicle,

g) damaged or defaced the vehicle,

h) carried with him/her items (animals) in his / her luggage that are forbidden to be carried or refused to accept examination of his/her luggage,

i) did not inform in advance about the fact that the luggage he/she was carrying with him/her required the specialist treatment or handling and due to this fact the luggage was damaged,

j) was refused to be carried for any substantiated reasons,

k) did not follow instructions of the Taxi Provider´s eligible person.

5. The Taxi Provider is entitled to refuse to deal with a claim if

a) it was made by an eligible person,

b) it was not made within the period of time and in accordance with these Conditions of Carriage,

c) the matter was brought to court, arbitral proceedings were commenced, or a competent authority has already decided on the matter,

d) the damage was caused as a result of a natural disaster or an emergency, for which the Taxi Provider cannot be liable,

e) the purchase of the service was not proved,

f) it was made after expiry of the periods set out in this Claim Handling Policy.

g) The Taxi Provider shall inform the Claimant about refusal of his /her claim to the address stated by the Claimant. Should the Claimant disagree with the fact how the claim has been solved, he/she is entitled to file a claim in court.

Art. XIX


When providing a taxi service, an emergency (hereinafter referred to as „the Emergency“) is:

a) a road traffic accident in which the taxi vehicle is involved or when witnessing a road traffic accident,

b) vehicle fire,

c) vehicle failure,

d) accident or sudden illness of the passenger or other person,

e) behaviour of an unruly passenger that requires immediate action of the driver.

In case of Emergency, the taxi driver is obliged to do the following in particular:

a) to stop the vehicle immediately,

b) to take the necessary measures to rescue passengers and property that are put at risk,

c) to provide first aid to the injured persons, and to call immediately an ambulance,

d) to take appropriate measures to ensure the road safety,

e) to inform the Taxi Provider about the Emergency.

If, because of an Emergency, a person was injured or killed, the road was damaged, or material damage exceeds ten times the minimum monthly wage of the employee, the taxi driver is obliged:

a) to call the police,

b) to refrain from acting that could be detrimental to the investigation of the Emergency,

c) stay at the scene until the police arrive or return to the scene immediately after calling for emergency help,

d) to inform the Taxi Provider about the Emergency.


Final Provisions

1. These CoC are part of the Agreement for the provision of passenger transport services, whereas the Taxi Provider and the Passenger are entitled to amend in writing their rights and obligations laid down in theses CoC.

2. By concluding this Agreement, the Passenger declares, that he/she was informed by the Taxi Provider of his/her rights and obligations arising from the Agreement and of those arising from the CoC.

3. Other legal relationships between the Taxi Provider and the Passenger, which are not explicitly regulated by the CoC, shall be governed by the respective provisions of generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. If a dispute arises /in the event of differences in the interpretation/ it is the Slovak version that will prevail.

4. Possible disputes that may arise between the parties shall be settled out of court in the first place. If the parties despite this fail to reach an agreement, the local court of the Taxi Provider (where the company’s registered office is located) shall have jurisdiction over such disputes.

5. Due to changes in its business policy, changes in legislation, developments in legal and business environment, the Taxi Provider is entitled to amend these Conditions of Carriage at any time without notice. The Taxi Provider shall publish the current CoC on

6. The field of application of these CoC or part of them can be ruled out only upon written agreement between the Passenger and the Taxi Provider.

7. These CoC of HP TRANSPORT s.r.o.  were approved by managing director of the company on 11 December 2017.